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OMG MY MOM VOTED FOR OBAMA!! I did it, I'm so happy I managed to change her mind! I was happy that she was voting in the first place since she never votes, but then she told me who she voted for and I actually screamed and gave her a hug lol. So now my dad is outnumbered lol.
Argh one of my friends keeps saying she doesn't care about the election. She actually said "I don't care what happens" How can you not care about what happens to this country!?! You kinda live in it! She said she doesn't care as long as the country doesn't like, become a horrible place to live in... ugh!

I regstered at college today. I have to take the COMPASS text next Thursday, it's gonna take almost 4 hours. But at least I'm not waiting until the very last minute like usual. I don't have orientation until next month, that's when I sign up for classes. And the buses, I have to take 3 different ones to get to CBC and it's gonna take an hour. But it would take longer to walk there so I guess I shoulden't complain about that


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