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I know I keep disappearing, but college makes me pretty busy. I'll try and catch up with you all!

So last week's episode was amazing, I'm not gonna do a review on it but it's definitely one of my all-time favorites!!

I'm still in shock from last night's episode, holy crap, that was insane!
- When I saw Jim Beaver's name on the guest stars I kinda freaked out heh. I love Bobby, I was so happy to see him, especially at the end! I loved his apron too lol.
- I figured out the guy was the Siren semi-early on, the girl was just too obvious. Wow the fight was crazy, I had so many emotions. On one hand it was very slashy fighting over a guy, but at the same time it was just so sad to watch! I was practically covering my eyes, they love each other so much and what they said to each other just makes me wanna hug them and yell at them at the same time.
- Is it bad that during the sex scene my first thought was that she was probably gonna die now? Oops lol. But seriously, what is with all the sex scenes this season? It was hot but at the same time it's getting a bit annoying.

I may have watched the trailer a few hundred times hehe!
I'm gonna be shallow here and say that Ianto looks hotter than ever. And the main reason I watched the trailer so many times was to see the kiss ^^".
Holy crap I'm pretty sure that was burned/skinless person was Jack, OUCH!!
I can't wait until it starts, anyone know when it will?

I learned some of the unofficial rules of Radcon, one of them is don't drink the water because last year someone spiked it with acid! I'll have to remember to bring my own water. I'm pretty excited for it, only 1 week left!

My family isn't going out to eat until tomorrow because my brother has a pep band thing tonight, looks like I'll be getting my presents tomorrow lol.

My dad likes Psych, yes! It's the only show I've convinced him to watch but he doesn't like horror/scifi shows which is basically all I watch.


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