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Spring break is over :(
I found out not only did I fail psychology, I failed math too which makes me feel like a complete idiot. I hated the class so I barely ever went, but I did the tests and everything, I just didn't take it seriously. So now I'm on academic probation even though I didn't get any financial aid last quarter which is weird. But this quarter I'm not going to be lazy and pay attention and everything. I feel like such an idiot but there's not much I can do. But now I can't sign up for another math class because the site won't let me, I need to talk to someone in the office tomorrow.

Anyway, onto the shows...

- OK I practically died laughing when they made fun of the fans, it was hilarious!! Especially the wincest and the fan, I loved it when she called them "my boys". Haven't we all done that at one point?
- I loved the fact that they made fun of themselves too, like Chuck apologizing for the bad writing in some episodes.
- Chuck was awesome, he's definitely in my list of favorite guest stars. When Dean asked Chuck to help, and then the music begins and you think he's gonna help, and he says "No friggin way". XD Awesome!
- "The Winchester Gospel". That will always crack me up
-Dean's back!! He was all protective and worried, that made me smile!
- I was very happy when Castiel helped I got insanely happy. I was getting all angry at him for not helping him then he gave Dean some not-so-subtle hints, instant mood change hehe!
- Lilith... I want to know what she's afraid of, whatever it is, it's gonna be huge. I also want to know what the hell Chuck saw, you can't leave us hanging like that!

 -OMG THEY KILLED DEREK!!! WHY!?!? I was in denial until they showed his body, I kept thinking it must have been someone who looked like him... you don't just kill off a main character 5-10 minutes into the episode!!
-I think either Ellison or John Henry called the cops. My dad thinks it was Weaver, what do you guys think? Anyway I feel so bad for John, first Derek dies and then his mom got arrested. Poor kid can't get a break

I don't even know what to say about Dollhouse besides I loved it. I especially adored Victor, I don't know why but just the way he acted made me smile. Poor November, I felt bad for her when she was at the cemetery. That's all I can think of to say, but the episode was just amazing. If this show gets canceled I will be so pissed!
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