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This is pretty much all over the place, sorry! I guess I'm still not completely coherent.
- Misha Collins pretty much killed me. I cried like... 2 or 3 times watching the episode, I felt so bad for Jimmy and his family. Also, I loved how the voices were so different. His acting was superb!
- For a few seconds, I thought his wife had gotten a new boyfriend or husband, since it's been so long. it's nice that she didn't. I loved the entire family
- Jimmy... I loved him, and when he was yelling at Castiel I was almost in tears again, I wanted to hug him and never let go pretty much the whole episode!! When he was begging Castiel to spare his daughter, I was crying so hard, that entire family needs the biggest hug in the world!
- Damn, Castiel was so COLD to Dean, just... damn!! I want to know what he wanted to tell him!
-Sam... I still love you but WTF was that!? That was gross and the LOOK on Dean's face! And then Dean saying he wasn't mad, just disappointed and didn't care. I'm sure he was lying at the not caring part, since he called Bobby to tell him. But the disappointment? So real. I loved Jared playing the addict role he did it well. Actually, everyone was pretty much superb in their acting.
- BOBBY!! He was in it for like 45 seconds but I still squealed when I saw him hehe! I was surprised by the panic room thing, I'm usually
semi-good at guessing these things, so that made me feel pretty silly.
- Dean FLINCHES when Sam put his hand in his direction, holy crap! I didn't notice it until a few people talked about it in their reviews!
- The final scene. There are no words for it. I think Dean and Bobby are doing the right thing, but it's going to be really tough to watch him detox.

The promo was insane, it made me cry!! I felt like an idiot, crying at a freaking promo! But it was so sad and depressing especially Dean telling Sam that if he walked out that door to never come back? O_O Ouch! I'm hoping the fight is just some kind of hallucination. I am officially in denial. Dean wouldn't say that. I really hope he kills Ruby, I hate her so much! It needs to be Thursday now, I don't want to wait!

In conclusion: Fuck you Kripke I love/hate you so much right now, and I'm pretty much going to be crying the last 2 episodes.
Wow, 2 hours after the episode ended, there was some kind of commercial for the shows on the CW and it showed Sam and Dean hugging and I started crying again. I think there's something wrong with me, I don't think it's normal to be this attached to a show.

I need to find a Kripke is evil icon... any suggestions?


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