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Wow, I haven't updated about what's going on IRL for a while. Well I almost forgot about Free Comic Book Day on Saturday, but I went to the store downtown that sells comics an hour before it closed. I stayed there for like, 20 minutes looking at the stuff they had. I love that store, it's the ultimate geek store! Comics, anime, manga, and sci-fi stuff. I bought the Supernatural Origins comic book, he didn't have the other one in. The guy who owns the store is gonna tell me what website I can order the early seasons of Doctor Who, so I'm happy. We geeked out about Doctor Who for a while, he's a cool guy.

Anyone have any good comic books they can recommend me? I've been interested in them since I read Watchmen. I've read a few others but that one got me really interested in others.

Yesterday I bought these limited edition Star Trek pez dispensers, they are pretty cool. My brother has no idea who Picard or Kirk is!! We were listening to White and Nerdy, and my dad and I were talking about how Kirk was so much better. My brother had no idea who we were talking about. I can understand not caring about Star Trek but I thought everyone knew who Kirk and Picard were.

edit: ok the meme didn't work, I'm going to post it in a different entry. LJ hates me


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