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Scream Awards were pretty awesome, I just decided that they're pretty much my favorite awards show. I wa soooo happy Heath Ledger won 2 awards, I almost cried because I cry waaay too easily. I was happy with all the awards the Dark Knight won, it was deserved because that movie was amazing. Seeing Jared and the Friday the 13th clip was pretty cool, but my favorite part was near the end. My Chemical Romance is pretty much my favorite band, has been for 5 years, so seeing Gerard was really exciting, then he announced Watchmen won most anticipated. I freaked out and when they showed a clip, I actually screamed! Which wasn't a good idea since it was almost 1 am. Um, oops? But I seriously can't wait, I hope the lawsuit doesn't really slow the movie release down, because I want to see it. I'll most likely be at the midnight premier, the movie looks awesome!

Holy crap, the special toothbrush I had to buy was $100. And that was with a coupon thingy too O_o. A bit much for a toothbrush.

Anyone watch the Daily Show with Jon Stewart? Entertainment Weekly or Inside Edition, I can't remember which, is giving him crap for saying fuck you to Palin. Uh, I watched that episode and thought it was hilarious. For those who don't watch it, he was talking about how Palin was saying that small towns are "Real America". So he decided to say some stuff, like Osama Bin Laden must be feeling stupid since he bombed the "Wrong America" and such. Anyway near the end he was talking about how the night before he was at a University and basically said fuck you to Palin. He then said it wasn't directed just at Palin, but to everyone who thought that way, and said, so... fuck all of you. ET/Inside Edition kindly forgot to mention that.

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