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Yay, another awesome episode!!
- Dean as a wimp? Best thing ever!! I especially loved him screaming when seeing the cat and the tiny dog he was running from!! I was practically rolling on the floor laughing!
- I totally called that the cop dude was already sick!! I felt so smart!
- Air drumming!! To an awesome song!!
- Lol loved the fact that Dean is a dick!! OK he's not really a dick but that was hilarious!! "Well you're a dick too!"
- I feel so sorry for the ghost, what a horrible way to die!
- BOBBY KNOWS JAPANESE!!! *dies* I wanna know Japanese!! *pouts*
- lol scaring a ghost to death? That's certainly different. At least it worked, though I still felt bad for him.
- OK the end was about the best thing I've ever seen! I love Jensen and his silliness, plus the fact you can hear Jared in the background laughing!! I loved the little ending thing he did, hehe.
I rented the 1st season of Ouran High School Host club, and I keep getting reminded of FullMetal Alchemist! 3 out of 7 of the characters voices are done by people from FullMetal Alchemist, it's so weird!

I decided I'm not doing the horror challenge anymore, I'm way behind and there's no way I'm gonna get 100. Oh well it was fun for a while.


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