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Wow I haven't posted  for a few weeks. Happy late New Year! Mine was pretty good, slept over a friends house then the next day slept in a hotel with a friend who came back into town. Hope everyone else's was fun. I saw Vocal Trash, they were awesome. They're a cover group but 90% of their instruments are trash cans and stuff like that.
OK the embed won't work so here's a link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TUHpSCi_wE0   They were more enthusiastic when I saw them though. They had more members too.

I'm starting college tomorrow and I'm freaking out a little. I know I'll be fine but still. College is different than high school.

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OMG MY MOM VOTED FOR OBAMA!! I did it, I'm so happy I managed to change her mind! I was happy that she was voting in the first place since she never votes, but then she told me who she voted for and I actually screamed and gave her a hug lol. So now my dad is outnumbered lol.
Argh one of my friends keeps saying she doesn't care about the election. She actually said "I don't care what happens" How can you not care about what happens to this country!?! You kinda live in it! She said she doesn't care as long as the country doesn't like, become a horrible place to live in... ugh!

I regstered at college today. I have to take the COMPASS text next Thursday, it's gonna take almost 4 hours. But at least I'm not waiting until the very last minute like usual. I don't have orientation until next month, that's when I sign up for classes. And the buses, I have to take 3 different ones to get to CBC and it's gonna take an hour. But it would take longer to walk there so I guess I shoulden't complain about that
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OK, this week and weekend has been interesting. First of all the culminating project is evil. We have to do it to graduate and I presented mine on Friday. It went horribly basically. I freaked out and forgot half the things I planned to say, I was stuttering, it was awful! During questions this one kid asked"... so what was your project?" I seriously thought I was gonna cry! Some people told me good job but it was mostly because they felt bad for me since it was obvious I was nervous. But whatever I'll get another chance and will plan it better. I was happy there were only 2 other classes besides mine.

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I had a movie night with my 2 best friends, it was nice. Neither of them have seen RENT even though they love musicals so I brought it over, that was interesting, one of them cried for the last half hour practically but that's ok because I did too lol. But it was a fun night.

How was everyone's Mothers Day?


It;s alive!

May. 5th, 2008 04:55 pm
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My internet is finally working! Well working right anyway. Thank god, I was about ready to throw my laptop out the window! 
My day started out horrible but got better. I've decided the best thing someone can tell you is you're a great friend. Seriously, 2 people told me that and I was instantly in a better mood.


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