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I realize I don't really talk about myself a lot so:
The problem with Livejournal:
We all think we are so close, but really, we know nothing about each other.
So I want you to ask me something you think you should know about me.
Something that should be obvious, but you have no idea about.
Ask away. Then post this in your LJ and find out what people don't know about you!

OK this is gonna be a shortish review of Supernatural because I have to be up in 4 1/2 hours so I need to go to sleep soon.

Supernatural 4x21 )
I'll do a review of Dollhouse sometime this week.
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This is pretty much all over the place, sorry! I guess I'm still not completely coherent.
4x20 The Rapture )

spoilers for promo )
Wow, 2 hours after the episode ended, there was some kind of commercial for the shows on the CW and it showed Sam and Dean hugging and I started crying again. I think there's something wrong with me, I don't think it's normal to be this attached to a show.

I need to find a Kripke is evil icon... any suggestions?

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I'll post a review tomorrow, there's no way I can be coherent at all tonight The promo killed any coherent thoughts I had. I'll comment on your entries tomorrow too, right now I just can't think of anything.
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Spring break is over :(
I found out not only did I fail psychology, I failed math too which makes me feel like a complete idiot. I hated the class so I barely ever went, but I did the tests and everything, I just didn't take it seriously. So now I'm on academic probation even though I didn't get any financial aid last quarter which is weird. But this quarter I'm not going to be lazy and pay attention and everything. I feel like such an idiot but there's not much I can do. But now I can't sign up for another math class because the site won't let me, I need to talk to someone in the office tomorrow.

Anyway, onto the shows...

Supernatural 4x18 )short reaction to Terminator )

very short Dollhouse reaction )
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I know I keep disappearing, but college makes me pretty busy. I'll try and catch up with you all!

So last week's episode was amazing, I'm not gonna do a review on it but it's definitely one of my all-time favorites!!

Supernatural 4x14 )

Torchwood Children of Earth trailer )

I learned some of the unofficial rules of Radcon, one of them is don't drink the water because last year someone spiked it with acid! I'll have to remember to bring my own water. I'm pretty excited for it, only 1 week left!

My family isn't going out to eat until tomorrow because my brother has a pep band thing tonight, looks like I'll be getting my presents tomorrow lol.

My dad likes Psych, yes! It's the only show I've convinced him to watch but he doesn't like horror/scifi shows which is basically all I watch.
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Yeah I know I've been gone for a while. I've been trying to get all my college stuff in so I can start on time and a bunch of stuff. I'll catch up with you all but there's a good chance I won't comment, sorry!

I have a dentist appointment Saturday and Monday, the one on Saturday is gonna take 2 hours, the other one an hour and a half. On the plus side, I am getting laughing gas so that makes me feel a little better heh.


Supernatural 4.10 )


Survivor )


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spoilers for 4.06 )
I rented the 1st season of Ouran High School Host club, and I keep getting reminded of FullMetal Alchemist! 3 out of 7 of the characters voices are done by people from FullMetal Alchemist, it's so weird!

I decided I'm not doing the horror challenge anymore, I'm way behind and there's no way I'm gonna get 100. Oh well it was fun for a while.

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-spoilers for 4.05 )

Yay, I got my election ballot!! *dances*

OK it seems like I have MAJOR problems with my teeth. I went there to cut for length.... )
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Spoliers for 4.04 )




Sep. 19th, 2008 02:12 pm
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I won't be able to watch new Supernatural episodes until the Friday after at the earliest so that kinda sucks but I'll get used to it

supernatural 4x1 )

The reason I won't be able to watch them until later is I am baby-sitting these kids that live across the street from my grandparents Wednesdays and Thursdays. Their dad doesn't get home until 9:15 or so then I sleepover my grandparents house because it saves money. And my grandparents don't have TiVo or anything to record it for me. So it sucks but hey, I can watch it when I get home. I do love the kids though, they're complete sweethearts, and their dad is raising them very well.
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OK, this week and weekend has been interesting. First of all the culminating project is evil. We have to do it to graduate and I presented mine on Friday. It went horribly basically. I freaked out and forgot half the things I planned to say, I was stuttering, it was awful! During questions this one kid asked"... so what was your project?" I seriously thought I was gonna cry! Some people told me good job but it was mostly because they felt bad for me since it was obvious I was nervous. But whatever I'll get another chance and will plan it better. I was happy there were only 2 other classes besides mine.

Supernatural )

I had a movie night with my 2 best friends, it was nice. Neither of them have seen RENT even though they love musicals so I brought it over, that was interesting, one of them cried for the last half hour practically but that's ok because I did too lol. But it was a fun night.

How was everyone's Mothers Day?



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